Débora Oliveira

"In my personal experience, if Eutony has a counterpoint, it's monotony."

Débora Oliveira works between the arts and neuromotor reeducation. She holds a bachelor degree in Communication of the Arts of the Body - Competence: Dance from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC/SP), Eutony professional training from Brazilian Institute of Eutony and Therapeutic Horseback Riding from ANDE Brasil - The Brazilian National Association of "Equoterapia" (as in Portuguese). With the support of a crowdfunding campaign between the Brazilian eutonists community, she made an in-situ research about the historical background of Gerda Alexander between Germany and Denmark in 2019-2020. She offers workshops and regular classes in schools, NGOs, government projects, studios and cultural centers, and also online.

Enraizar e Conectar - Eutonia e Contato Improvisação